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New planet discovered on which life is possible?

New planet discovered on which life is possible?

Further testing will determine the exact age of the diamond.

The huge 190.77 carat diamond was found in Russia’s Siberian Federal Unit Yakutia just days before the New Year, Alros, the world’s leading diamond producer, reported.

According to experts, the high-quality precious stone that was excavated in far-flung Yakutia on December 25 could lie undisturbed in nature for two billion years. Further testing will determine the exact age of the diamond, writes Rasa Tudej.”Discovering the diamond just before the New Year is a real gift,” said Yevgeny Agureyev, Alrose’s deputy general manager.

He added that nature was very generous this year, with extraordinary surprises like the heart-shaped diamond that the company had unveiled before Valentine’s Day. Now a huge gem has been sent for detailed analysis and preliminary evaluation, reports

Earlier this year, a Russian diamond mine discovered an unusual diamond called Matryoshka because it resembles a traditional Russian doll. This diamond, which is 800 million years old, is believed to be absolutely priceless and the only one in the world.

NASA is nearing the completion of its robotic rover, which will look for evidence of life on Mars next year and lay the groundwork for the mission of sending humans into deep space.

The U.S. Space Agency on Friday unveiled its Mars 2020 rover whose official name will be chosen early next year. In February, NASA will send a rover to the Florida Kennedy Space Center where it will be assembled to completion. It will launch in July and has its destination dried up by a Manhattan-sized lake bed on Mars.
The six-wheeled, car-sized rover will explore Mars Lake Crater, named after a municipality in central Bosnia and Herzegovina. It should land there in February 2021, reports Hina.

The crater is believed to contain large amounts of 3.5 billion-year-old sediments that scientists hope could contain fossils of life on the Red Planet. The rover will collect 30 land samples that will be returned to Earth by a future NASA-designed spacecraft. Met Valas project deputy revealed that the samples could arrive in 2026. Mankind has never done so yet.

The Mars mission will also be key to future human missions on the planet, including the potential for oxygen generation on its surface, Wallace said.

The rover will carry equipment that can convert carbon dioxide to oxygen. If successful, this rover will be NASA’s fifth mission to Mars. The only other country to land on this planet was the former Soviet Union.


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