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Mistake no.1: Are you too nice to women?

Mistake no.1: Are you too nice to women?

Have you noticed that beautiful and attractive women are never interested in too nice, and compliant men?

I’m sure you have, and more than once. I notice the phenomenon on a daily basis. I am positive that you have seen or know at least a few of beautiful and attractive women with ‘assholes’, and they have never shown any more interest than being friends with you or not even that. I am sure you want to know where is the problem? It is a very simple fact. Women’s decisions are not based on a fact how nice a man is to them, their decision is based on the strong attraction they feel for him.

Usually beautiful women like average men, as I or you, you just haven’t been told that, or haven’t noticed yet. Stuck-up machos with great cars usually don’t win in the end. Of course there is an exception to the rule. There are so called sluts who care for nothing else but a man with a great car and his money. There are hidden and open users, the open ones ask directly for belongings and nice things, and the hidden ones do the same thing with using more indirect questions and a few days’ analyses.

You surely don’t want the kind close to you, and it is better to avoid them broadly, or maybe not. You can get some pleasure even out of the sluts. Let me repeat! To be nice DOESN’T MEAN to create that strong attraction that a woman needs to be interested in you, to be attracted by you, and to want to be more than friends with you.

You remember this fact well!!! I figured there is no logic here. The fact that you can’t be taken far with kindness and compliance was very difficult for me to get, to understand and to accept in the end.

With kindness there is usually a contra result to the one you wanted. In case you are not able to get, understand and accept this, you will never be successful with a woman you want. Remember this!


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