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Man And Woman: Thinking That Money And Looks Are Important

Man And Woman: Thinking That Money And Looks Are Important

A huge mistake that men are repeating constantly is that we give up before we even started, because we think that female love is attracted only by middle aged men who have money, look good and are at least 180 cm tall. There actually exists a certain percent of the women who are interested in those things, but it is very small and insignificant. More than in looks, money, and a good car women are interested in the male character.

A good personality attracts women as a magnet… If you learn what women actually are, how they feel, and what matters to them, you can be a very successful man in the area of conquering and getting women interest. Don’t be down for being short, not having an athletic body, not being rich, and not driving an expensive car. You really don’t need all of that. Let me repeat once again: if you learn how to use the body language, and to communicate with female love in the right way, you can succeed for a woman to feel as attracted to you as you are when you see a nice young girl.

As I already noted above we make the biggest mistake when we seek approval and agreement with women. Similarly it is totally wrong to use a tactic many men use: to put all the energy into a female person that they find attractive and interesting. Let me explain this more informally.

Men try to be interested for women by fulfilling her every wish. With this behavior they emphasize they have no opinion of their own, that they are indecisive, and show they can be manipulated easily. This is a completely wrong tactic… Female are never interested in male who are un secure, weak or mamas’ boys.

Let me clear your brain a little… Women always know and feel what men think.


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