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Man And Woman Differences

Man And Woman Differences

From 6th to 10th year her mother sent her many times to her parents to bring them something or to go play to their place. Grandma was often away and Anna was playing with her grandfather. This game many times turned into her grandpa feeling her under the skirt. Anna was afraid to speak about this with her mother, because she would most certainly tell her she was lying. Anna meets often men and boys now.

She goes out with them two or three times, then she quits the relationship. When we ask her for a reason for that, she answers something like: “Oh, there are no real wolves” or “Oh, it was just a young wolf…” In this way years went by years spent in forest’s aberrations, bringing the sandwiches and constant rejection of young wolves. A boring and depressing life. The most interesting event in her life way playing with her grandfather. Because of that it seems like Anna will spend her life in expectation of the repetition of the event. This tells us what is going on with Little Red Riding Hood after the story with a wolf. When she grew up, she devoted her life to bringing the food through the forest, hoping to meet her wolf again. But all she met were young wolves who she had to reject.

Anna’s story also tells us why Little Red Riding Hood was so naive to lie with the wolf. The wolf wasn’t really a wolf, nor the Grandmother, but the grandfather. The scenarios of mother and her parents have to be complementary for such incident to happen more than once. Freud, Jung, and their successors have proved undisputed that the logic of heroes and myths survive to modern times. The last reincarnation of Oedipus and the never ending romance between The Beauty and The Beast are happening this moment at the crossroad of 35. and Main, waiting for a green light (at the semaphore). What is the moral of the story? It is not necessary that just men have to clean up their psyche, and to move away from their mothers, women also have their complexes, and their grandfathers. If something goes wrong, it is one ’ s fault, the other ’ s, or both.


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