Cooking: Chocolate Pralines – Kako i zašto

Cooking: Chocolate Pralines

Cooking: Chocolate Pralines

Multipurpose chocolate can be so thick that it is made of balls on a stick or less often that it is poured into icing compartments and dissolved as needed.

Separate two piles of Chocolate powder and use each separately for your own purpose. Stir the chocolate into the milk one at a time and fill the freezer containers and freeze. With the thickly mixed Chocolate mix the chopped biscuits or flakes that will soak up the milk well and form. Mix the mixture well and cool. After cooling, remove from refrigerator and shape into balls. Carefully pry the finished balls with chopsticks and return to the refrigerator. When you have consumed all the mixture and have shaped balls on sticks, heat the water in a pot and put the glass pan on steam.

In a glass jar, melt the milk or chocolate for cooking (if desired and taste) and pour the chocolate chocolates into the melted chocolate. Cool the dressed laundries in the refrigerator and serve them chilled. Remove the frozen part of the chocolate from deep and put in heated milk as needed to consume once a portion.

Serve chilled as a separate snack at a house party as a rich brunch finish. For the rare Chocolate version, with the frozen part, you can enhance the taste if desired with cocoa if you wish.

Make sure your mixture is very thick so you can shape and model the compact mixture easily.

A little secret
You can also melt white chocolate with dark so you have two types of pralines. Once you’ve rolled the pralines into chocolate, you can crush the hazelnuts and almonds one step further and roll your pralines into them.

Do not push the washer too deep or too shallow as you will not get a good result.


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